25th International Conference on Primary Healthcare and Emergency Nursing

         Let’s have a look towards emerging healthcare in 2021                   Medical care and Tele medicine The effect of Covid19 made things so difficult in day to day activities, in the medical sector Medical care management played a vital role to manage the hospitality towards the patients. During the lockdown, both the patients and the healthcare practitioners understood the importance of digitalization. The number of virtual consultations has drastic change comparing to the non-lockdown days. There are several benefits of telemedicine and virtual care including the reduced risk of spreading of the virus in and around. The healthcare practitioners gave their importance and attention to health . Tele medicine made patient and doctor more comfortable in this pandemic period.  We as citizens of the Nation are now also realizing that this is of great help in bridging the gap of doctor-patient ratio. On the other hand Tele medicine and Digital marketing go hand in hand. The pande